Music streaming services are cooking up some kitschy personalized ways to enjoy your favorite pop hits over and over again. Spotify has been infusing AI into some web experiences featuring artists like The Weeknd. Now, YouTube Music is experimenting with doing a bit of the same, this time featuring covers of Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy."

The experience, called "Infinite Bad Guy," is dubbed as the world's first infinite music video where viewers can jump between close to 17,000 cover videos in hundreds of styles you can select from such as "#saxophone" or "#zumba" or even "#dog." You can start the experience by heading to or slap on a hashtag to give it a start-up twist like

No, you can't just put any hashtag you want — it has to be one already listed in the scrollbar.

Google's machine learning tech TensorFlow ensures that the feed never stops with suggestion slots constantly being refreshed for you to click on and that new videos begin at the quarter-beat where the last one left off. AI being AI, the viewing experience won't be perfect every single time, but it's definitely a great way to put a specific song "on shuffle," so to speak. You can also hit the "1," "2," or "3" keys to switch videos on desktop.

And if you have a "Bad Guy" cover that you'd want to contribute to Infinite Bad Guy, you can opt in through this link.

Our editorial board is quite conflicted on this new development and