Wireless charging is convenient, not to mention just plain neat. You can get a wireless charging pad for relatively cheap, but if you want a high quality, fast charger like the Pixel Stand, you'll have to shell out a pretty penny — that is, you would, until today. The Pixel Stand is on sale for just $39.50 (half off) on the Google Store.

Pixel Stand offers all kinds of nifty integration with your Pixel. The Stand will let your phone start off your day with lighting simulating the sunrise before your alarm goes off, and then automatically display your schedule, traffic info, and news. When you place your phone on the Stand at night, it will automatically turn on Do Not Disturb to help you get restful sleep. The Pixel Stand can also allow your phone to display a slideshow of your Google Photos while you charge. The settings are of course customizable, and on top of all that, it provides 10W to rapidly charge your phone.

The Pixel Stand is a pretty darn cool device, and at half off it could make a nice gift for the holidays, or for yourself. Grab one for just $39.50 (50% off) at the Google Store today.

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The Pixel Stand is now also $39.99 at Amazon, if that's your preferred online shopping destination. Be aware that it's not set to ship for one to two months, though.