About a year ago, Google signed an agreement to acquire Fitbit and therefore create its own lineup of wearables. Although the deal is still pending regulatory approval, both companies have been working on joining forces and bringing their services together. Just a few days ago, Fitbit's new operating system built native Assistant integration to the company's watches, in addition to Alexa.

To further complete this process, Assistant has received a new Wellness section, which integrates with Fitbit trackers and lets you access sleep data from any assistant-compatible device.

The new section lets you connect Assistant to services that can track various wellness-related data, including sleep, exercise, and nutrition. This means any Assistant-compatible device is able retrieve this information when asked for it. For instance, you can ask, "how much sleep did I get last night" to know the answer.

For the time being, only sleep is supported, and, interestingly, there is only one service to pick from the list: Fitbit. To be fair, although Google has started the integration with its — hopefully soon to be — own brand, it will support other companies' products in the future.

Our very own Rita has tested out the feature with her aging Inspire HR and was able to retrieve the amount of sleep she got by asking her Google Assistant. Hopefully, more services and data will be added to the list shortly. We'll make sure to keep you updated whenever this happens.

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  • Nick Cipriani