Google released a new $99 smart speaker this year, and it's really pretty great. But Google's biggest speaker, the Home Max, is still its best. It's also its priciest, at an MSRP of $299. But for Black Friday, the Max's price tag has been slashed in half at multiple retailers: you can pick one up for just $149 starting today.

In my review of the new Nest Audio, I said that at full price, a pair of Nest speakers ($178) is a better deal for most buyers than one Google Home Max. I still think that, but at half off, the Max is an incredible value — and puts out more powerful sound than even a pair of Nest Audios can. Plus the Home Max has 3.5-millimeter input, so you can use it with an analog audio source like a turntable.

You can get this price from a number of retailers:

Google says this sale will run through December 2, but don't sleep on it: this is Google's best Black Friday deal this year by a wide margin, and I wouldn't be surprised if it sold out before then.