Big TVs are great and all, but we've got to draw a line somewhere, right? Currently, Best Buy has a 4K Sony Android TV on sale for $1,999.99. That's a full $600 off the MSRP. But it's freaking 85" of display  — I mean, where are you even going to put it?

If you can manage to fit it in somewhere, the X900H series set is one of the best TVs you'll find on the market. It's got Sony's X1 processor for crisp 4K HDR picture quality that upscales 1080p content close to 4K resolution with its AI smarts. The two tweeters on the sides of the TV enable Acoustic Multi-Audio sound that follows the action onscreen for an immersive experience.

Since this is an Android TV device, it's compatible with all your favorite streaming services — yup, even that one. It's got tight integration with Google Assistant, too, but that's not all. It also works with Apple's AirPlay 2 and Amazon's Alexa voice assistant to let you pick which one will let you down the least.

If you've got your heart set on a TV that's almost as big as Shaq is tall, then head over to Best Buy today and snag this 85" set for a savings slam dunk.