When OnePlus announced its total commitment to high-refresh-rate phone screens going forward, it probably didn’t consider the possibility that it could be making another budget-priced phone one day. Backtracking on its word, the company recently launched its cheapest phone, the Nord N100, with no mention of any high-refresh-rate support. In a new turn of events, the N100 does, in fact, rock a 90Hz screen, which OnePlus now corroborates — but there’s a caveat.

A retail unit of the Nord N100 that Android Authority purchased in the UK revealed the option to switch to a higher 90Hz rate. The smartphone maker later confirmed to the outlet that the N100 does sport a Fluid Display, although the actual user experience may depend on various factors, one of them being its low-end processor.

The Snapdragon 460 isn’t quite capable enough to handle and, more importantly, maintain the 90Hz refresh rate across apps. By underplaying that display capability, OnePlus perhaps wanted to avoid over-promising and under-delivering later on, which would have been a bigger disappointment for  buyers.

"The N100 is equipped with a 90Hz display. Actual refresh rate depends on settings, applications used, and processing limitations."

So, now you know what your new OnePlus Nord N100 can do — just don’t expect too much from that poor thing.