Disney+ is just over a year old, and it's steaming ahead, extending both its library and its reach. Whether it's The Mandalorian, The Little Mermaid, or some choice nature documentaries, there's plenty to hold your attention on the streaming platform — and held the attention of many, it has. The Disney+ app has been downloaded over 50 million times on the Play Store.

Disney is an absolute media juggernaut, and its streaming platform is no exception. Disney+ is constantly expanding, recently launching in several more European countries, as well as a number of locations in Latin America. In addition to spreading to new countries, the platform is adding new ways to watch, like in online groups, or even on your Nest Hub.

However you feel about Disney, it's clear that Disney+ is here to stay. After reaching 50 million installs on the Play Store in just over a year, it continues to grow. With such an extensive library of sought-after content, like Disney classics, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic, it's no wonder the company has seen such success with its platform. If you're one of those 50 million installers, sit back, enjoy the show, and see what's next to come.

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