Alexa Routines have been around for years, but they’ve been getting some nice upgrades in recent months. While they can already integrate a whole bunch of supported smart home devices from various brands, Amazon’s own Fire TV dongles have surprisingly been missing from the equation. Amazon is finally doing something about that by bringing Fire TV integration to Alexa Routines.

Now you can set up a routine for your movie night that will pause your Fire TV and turn on your lights with a single command. And when you get back, another routine can dim the lights and start playing the film. You could also integrate these Fire TV commands with your bedtime routine to turn off the Amazon dongle and lights, and set an alarm for the morning — all in one go.

You can use your imagination to come up with many more automated or voice-triggered routines involving your Fire TV devices and even share them with your friends and family.

That sounds like a neat addition that will save you from giving multiple commands to Alexa. In case you’re new to this whole smart home game, Amazon’s got a handy guide to help you get started with these Routines.