OnePlus has announced it will adopt several suggestions for improving OxygenOS from its fans in the culmination of its Ideas 2.0 campaign, a follow-up to the first such push back in March. After more than 7,300 submissions from its forum members and three rounds of curation and voting, seven ideas have made the cut.

The following ideas, which we have elaborated on, were accepted:

Forum users who made these suggestions will have the option to be involved in development and giving specific requirements.

16 ideas were rejected. They were, as they were originally titled:

It's inevitable that you might have seen one or two of these features exist in generic or proprietary forms elsewhere while a few others seem properly overdue. Some of these might need a good whack of code in OxygenOS while others might be achievable with external integrations like with Microsoft's Your Phone project. but it's always interesting to watch OnePlus take on the challenge of adopting what its fans want. That said, it might have trouble doing all of it gracefully if its late track record has anything to say about it.

The company is still taking more suggestions and is randomly raffling off three OnePlus water bottles for those who take its survey. Who knows if this will result in an Idea 3.0?