Oppo hosted its annual Inno Day event this week, and while the main attraction may have been its futuristic rollable phone concept, we also got some news about its next flagship series. The follow-up to this year's impressive Find X2 lineup is confirmed for launch next year and Oppo has teased a new color management system that's more advanced than anything we've seen to date.

The Full-path Color Management System could do with a more catchy marketing name, but the technology behind it is genuinely exciting. As well as offering full DCI-P3 color gamut, it will also support true 10-bit color depth right the way through the stack — from taking photos, to storing them to, displaying them on the screen. Oppo says this new management system will result in more accurate color reproduction for a greatly enhanced viewing experience.

While many phones already offer 10-bit color depth compatibility, it's often with an 8-bit display and some trickery. The Find X3 series will ship with native 10-bit displays to go along with true 10-bit HEIF image capture and storage. This end-to-end solution will also be matched by professional calibration for color accuracy of about 0.4 JNCD (Just Noticeable Color Difference). Image sensor using Digital Overlap HDR (DOL-HDR) tech will also be supported.

Another new technology is aimed at helping anyone suffering from color vision deficiency. Oppo's Color Correction Solution 2.0 is being developed in partnership with Zhejiang University, with more than 6000 samples being used to create more personalized color correction options for users.

When the Oppo Find X3 series launches, it'll likely have one of the most advanced displays on the market — we can probably expect it around the end of the first quarter of 2021.