Yesterday, OnePlus got us all hot and bothered with the promise of $1 OnePlus buds in a flash sale today. Well, that sale started at 11 a.m. Eastern time this morning — and ended by 11:01. As expected, stock went fast. If you were able to get a pair, congratulations! They're very good earbuds for one dollar. If you missed out, you'll have another chance later today.

Demand was so great that OnePlus's website was practically inaccessible during the sale — most of us at AP only saw 503 errors. When the dust cleared, all the Buds were gone. Such is life.

If you're ready to get your heart broken all over again, OnePlus will be offering another round of $1 Buds at 1 p.m. Eastern today. You'll also have a shot at snagging a pair of Bullets Wireless Z for a buck at noon Eastern and 2 p.m. Camp out at the link below and get your F5 finger ready for your chance to get these prices.