It's important that we keep our smart homes safe, and one way of doing so is using security cameras. Finding the right camera for your needs can be difficult, as well as expensive. Thankfully, Amazon is currently selling a Kasa Spot 2-pack for $130 ($50 off), which will certainly help keep your house safe.

The Kasa Spot is a versatile little camera, thanks to its IP65 certification. That means it's just as happy outside your home as it is inside. It uses a rechargeable battery, so no wires are needed for installation. Reviews say that battery life is generally very good, but that will vary based on which settings you use. The Spot can capture 1080p video and stream it to your smartphone, Echo Show, or Nest Hub. Motion detection and the ability to see up to 25ft away in the dark makes this a jack of all trades, and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support is a nice bonus.

You'll need to put a hub inside your home for the cameras to connect to, but it is relatively small, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding somewhere to hide it away. Finally, the Kasa Spot has free cloud storage containing 12 hours of rolling video, although this will only be free for a year. After that, you'll need to pay for cloud storage, which costs $30 per year, per camera.

Amazon doesn't say if this is a limited-time offer or a permanent price reduction, but either way, it's a great price if you're looking for some new security cameras.