Google has been giving customers more reasons to subscribe to Google One recently, from adding a dedicated VPN to ending unlimited Google Photos storage. Now the company is throwing a new perk into the mix, offering a free Nest Mini smart speaker to Google One subscribers who upgrade to an annual 2TB storage plan.

Eligible Google One subscribers are receiving emails inviting them to upgrade for the free gift. It sounds like you may have to already pay for a lower-tier storage plan in order to get this offer. Once you upgrade to the 2TB annual plan (currently $99.99), you'll be sent another email with instructions on how to order a free Nest Mini from the Google Store.

This is the email that select Google One members are receiving.

While I'm always a fan of free things, this isn't really that great a bargain. The Nest Mini may retail for $49, but they regularly go on sale for around $20, and Google always seems to be giving them away for one reason or another.

If you actually need the additional storage, though, you might as well take advantage of this timing and let Google send you another smart speaker for your trouble. 🤷 Check your email now to see if Google has graced your inbox with this offer.

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