Earlier this year, Apple got into a bit of a kerfuffle over the cut it takes from the revenue of apps like Fortnite. Epic sued the company, and Apple has faced increased scrutiny in the wake of the lawsuit. Now, Apple has announced that it is cutting some App Store fees in half in a move that will see most developers get a significant raise in revenue.

The change is part of a program Apple is calling the App Store Small Business Program. The new initiative drops Apple's cut from 30% down to 15% for the vast majority of developers. Specifically, those who made less than one million dollars in sales the previous year are eligible for the reduced fee.

While this is a great shift for indie developers and those just starting out in the App Store, it likely won't do much to put out the flames fanned by big-time developers like Epic, who argue that this is just another instance of Apple bending its rules unfairly. Documents released back in July show that Apple offered Amazon the same 15% commission rate it is now extending to smaller developers in order to get Prime Video on the App Store.

Now that Apple is leaving smaller developers with more money, it seems likely that Google will have to consider doing the same thing for Play Store revenue — although that might not count for much since it's already being sued for antitrust violations by the Department of Justice.