Caring for your lawn can be painstaking, especially if you have a big yard. Thankfully, automatic sprinklers can make this process a lot easier by watering your grass based on a pre-set schedule. Nevertheless, your plants or lawn may not necessarily need to be watered systematically, especially when raining.

To help you save water and money and make your life simpler, Wyze just announced an eight-zone smart sprinkler controller that costs just $50 and can automatically sync with weather data to only water plants when needed. The brand is already famous for its very affordable household products, including its smart thermostat and robot vacuum, so it only makes sense for it to release a dead-cheap sprinkler controller.

Thanks to a yearly subscription, the device can retrieve local weather data and automatically water your plants when needed. This means that based on rain, saturation, wind, moisture, and temperature data, the controller will adjust the amount of water to distribute and its schedule. The Sprinkler Plus subscription will cost $10 per year, but you'll benefit from a complimentary one-year membership with your purchase to try it out. If you prefer to run things the old-fashioned way, you'll still be able to set fixed schedules, manually trigger watering using the app, and even sync it up with external rain and soil sensors.

The sprinkler controller is available for pre-order on Wyze's website, with deliveries expected in January 2021.

Press Release

Seattle, WA - November 17, 2020

Affordable technology maker Wyze Labs is entering the lawncare space with its latest product, Wyze Sprinkler Controller, an 8-zone smart sprinkler system that is now on pre-order for only $49.99 with free shipping and one free year of Sprinkler Plus.

The all-new Wyze Sprinkler follows Wyze’s famous customer-friendly pricing model and undercuts other smart controllers by hundreds of dollars with no sacrifice to quality. With a smart sprinkler system, homeowners can sync their watering to local weather forecasts, control from anywhere in the world using the Wyze app, tailor schedules to the types of grass and plants being watered, and much more.

“Innovations in smart technology for lawn care are few and far between - and those that do exist are increasingly expensive” says Mike Sobaski, Wyze Sprinkler’s Product Manager. “Customers new to the idea of smart sprinkler systems will fall in love with the ability to manually turn their system off from the Wyze app without running to the garage. Better yet, if they’d prefer to automate their system completely and have us do the thinking for them, we offer Sprinkler Plus, a comprehensive and low-price service that syncs with hyper-local weather forecasts making sure you never water your lawn in the rain again.”

Wyze Sprinkler comes loaded with smart features and gets even better when paired with Sprinkler Plus, Wyze’s new premium weather service that syncs with over 60,000 weather stations across the U.S. to provide you with hyper-local weather data.

Wyze Sprinkler features and Sprinkler Plus include:
● Smart Schedules: ​Water plants automatically based on hyper-local weather data​*
● Fixed Schedules:​ Water plants on specific days or times
● Quick Run: ​Easily start a watering from anywhere with the Wyze app
● Sunrise/Sunset Settings:​ Schedule your system to start or finish by sunrise/sunset
● Sensor Ready: ​Compatible with most rain and soil sensors
● Weather Skips:​ Rain, Saturation, Wind, and Temperature skips​*
● Advanced Zone Insights:​ See the past, current, and forecasted soil moisture level for
each zone​*
● Easy Control:​ Start or stop a watering directly from the device
*requires ​Sprinkler Plus ($9.99/yr)

Wyze Sprinkler is available now at ​​ and begins shipping January 2021.