Ting Mobile's main draw over the years has been its customizable pricing, where you only pay for the calls, texts, and data you actually use. That resulted in lower prices for people who didn't use much cellular data, but Google Fi, Visible, other MVNOs have put up more of a fight recently. Under new leadership by Dish, Ting today announced that its pay-as-you-go scheme is being replaced with more traditional plans.

Ting previously used a customizable pricing scheme based on how many lines you had, the number of calls/texts needed, and the required data amount. For example, one line of service ($6) with 200MB data ($3), 100 call minutes ($3), and 100 texts ($3) came out to be $15/mo. That was a pretty good deal for people who rarely used their phones outside of Wi-Fi networks, but once you needed more than 2-3GB of data, it was usually cheaper to go with Google Fi, Visible, Mint Mobile, or other MVNO carriers.

Plan Data Tether Data 5G Cost
Flex None included None No $10 + $5/GB
Set 5GB 5GB Uses regular data pool Yes $25
Unlimited 22GB 12GB Yes $45
Unlimited Pro 35GB 30GB Yes $60

The cheapest plan is 'Flex,' which most closely mirrors the old Ting pricing scheme. You pay $10/mo for unlimited talk and text, plus $5 for every 1GB data you use. It's similar to Google Fi, but with the per-GB cost cut in half and no tethering. The next step up is 'Set 5GB', which is $25/mo and includes 5GB of data with hotspot and 5G compatibility. There's also the 'Unlimited' option for $45/mo with 22GB of data and 12GB of hotspot data, and the top-tier 'Unlimited Pro' plan has 35GB data and 30GB hotspot data. You can also add more data to any plan (except Flex) for $5 per GB.

The new plans are much more competitive than Ting's old pricing structure, unless you were one of the people who used almost no calls/texts/data. Ting is also keeping the option to use either T-Mobile or Verizon's cellular networks. The main catch is that you can no longer customize the plans on a per-line basis: everyone in your family/group must be on the same plan.

Ting Mobile says existing customers can stay on the existing legacy plans, but all new customers can only sign up using the updated plans. Subscribers who want to switch to the new plans might need a new SIM card, and if their phone is locked to Sprint, a new device might be required.