To quote Batman, "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." That certainly applies to TV streaming services, which all started as cheaper alternatives to cable, but later became just as expensive as cable with the rising costs of bundling channels. YouTube TV recently increased its monthly cost to $65, and now Hulu's live TV option is following suit.

Starting December 18th, the 'Hulu + Live TV' subscription by Hulu will increase in cost from $54.99/mo to $64.99/mo, and the option for ad-free Hulu streaming with TV will go from $60.99/mo to $70.00/mo. The increased cost will start exactly one year after the last price hike, which was also a $10 increase. Hulu said in a blog post, "the new price better reflects the substantial value of Hulu + Live TV and allows us to continue offering all of the popular live news, sports and entertainment programming included in the plan." Hulu plans without TV are unaffected.

Sure enough, there are more than a few people complaining about the price cut on social media.

The increased costs for YouTube TV and Hulu's live TV could be a chance for T-Mobile to heavily market its new TVision service, but it seems likely that subscription will suffer the same fate. According to a report from Variety, T-Mobile violated its agreements with TV stations by splitting up required bundles. T-Mobile will have to appease the almighty content providers if it wants to keep TVision alive, which means dropping channels, increasing prices, or subsidizing its TV service with revenue from its other divisions.