Dropbox used to just be a simple cloud file service, but the company has been adding more collaborative features to compete with G Suite and Microsoft 365. The 'Spaces' feature arrived last year, which lets you add descriptions and to-do lists to Dropbox folders, and now Spaces is receiving an overhaul with more functionality.

The current Spaces feature is extremely bare-bones: you can press a button to turn a Dropbox folder into a Space, where a description and basic to-do list can be added. It doesn't hold a candle to dedicated project management systems like Trello or Basecamp, but Dropbox is hoping Spaces 2.0 will change that. "Initially introduced as an evolution of the shared folder," the company said, "Spaces is now a standalone product that enables teams to collaborate with internal and external collaborators on projects—from kickoff to delivery."

The new Spaces is a hub with several sections: an overview with all the key information, a tasks list with categories and assignment support, a 'content' page with files (uploaded to Dropbox, Google Docs, or select other services), a meeting list, and an updates page for posting messages. All of the sections are tightly-integrated: you can add files on to-do lists, link to tasks in updates, and so on.

Dropbox Spaces 2.0 is currently in a closed beta, and you can click here to request access. It's not clear yet when the feature will be available in the Dropbox mobile app, or if it will live in a separate app (similar to the Paper app).