It's been a few weeks since Google released its new Chromecast with Google TV, and if you picked one up and are anything like the average American, you've probably spent some of that time searching to find the remote. Thankfully, there's a solution if your Chromecast remote has been permanently misplaced: Google is now offering individual Chromecast remotes for sale on the Google Store — and the listing has revealed a slightly-surprising spec.

According to the technical specifications at the bottom of that Google Store page, the new Chromecast remote comes with an accelerometer. That means that, theoretically, it can detect when it is being picked up and react accordingly. It's not entirely clear what its exact function is currently — there are no illuminated buttons to speak of and Google didn't mention anything about it in the unveiling.

The complete technical specs of the new Chromecast remote.

It could be used to send the remote into a battery saving mode when left lying around for a few hours. Or perhaps, much like official Stadia integration, it's just waiting until later to be shown off. (Maybe alongside new ambient computing features?) This wouldn't be the first time the Google Store has jumped the gun and accidentally announced something coming in the future.

Regardless of the novelty of the inclusion of an accelerometer, it's nice that Google has gone ahead and put the remote up for sale as a solo product. While it's only compatible with the new Chromecast running Google TV, forgetful owners will appreciate knowing they have a replacement option. This is a pretty tiny remote, which makes it easy to use and easy to lose. Google is charging $19.99 for it, which seems like a fair price for replacing the tool used to control what might be its best take on entertainment yet.