Essential may not be around anymore, but that doesn't mean the talented team that made up the company is taking a break. Essential's head of R&D, Jason Keats, founded OSOM Products earlier this year with a handful of former employees on board. Now a new interview has revealed a glimpse into the future of OSOM — and it's a vision that's focused pretty much entirely on user privacy.

OSOM (Out of Sight, Out of Mind) may be comprised of ex-Essential staff, but the company isn't trying to recreate the magic of the Essential PH-1. Instead, it was founded on a grounding principle of privacy. When the company releases its first product, which is currently on track to launch in late 2021, its headlining feature will be giving users more control over their own data. OSOM wants to achieve this through a combination of hardware and software, and plans to leverage existing operating systems like Android rather than building something new from scratch.

While specific details are spare, Keats emphasizes that data will be stored solely on a user's device. OSOM won't even be able to access it, much less sell it to the highest advertising bidder. The company's current goal is to release a number of products in different sectors over the next three years, using premium hardware that's priced competitively. It plans to make money by way of some "surprises...that will be announced next year."

When the first product drops next year, it will be sold in the US, Europe, and parts of Asia. It will be interesting to see if OSOM can replicate Essential's good bits while tossing out the bad in its attempt to push privacy-focused products into the mainstream.