Google TV may be the hot new thing, but Nvidia's Shield TV is still one of the most popular Android TV devices out there. We called it the best Android TV box at the time of release, and it's getting even better thanks to a new update rolling out now.

Shield Experience Upgrade 8.2.1 brings important bug fixes, stability improvements, and some new features as well. There's a handful of IR-focused upgrades: IR controls have been added for projectors and a number of new brands including Arris, Dayton, ONN, and Sennheiser. IR power commands can now be sent from the Shield 2019 remote when using the Alexa skill, too.

A number of other changes have been implemented in 8.2.1. AI scaling has received tweaks to improve its performance in certain situations and its content detection algorithms. An issue that caused a visible line to appear when using AI upscaling with Prime Video has also been fixed — that sounds like it must have been really annoying for affected users.

The update should be going live for Shield TV owners now, but if it hasn't rolled out to you quite yet, feel free to occupy some time by checking out the full changelog at Nvidia's site.