Most security cameras and smart doorbells come with a feature that can automatically warn you when it senses motion. While this can be handy, it can also become particularly annoying if your camera is inadvertently triggered by cars or pedestrians passing by. Thankfully, Ring is rolling out a free update to all its battery-powered devices, enabling you to customize the motion sensing zone and avoid unwanted and unnecessary notifications.

Customizable Motion Zones have replaced Adjustable Motion Zones

While Ring products already featured Adjustable Motion Zones, there weren't fully customizable, which could have still led to the camera sensing activity when it shouldn't have. Thankfully, the new feature now lets you precisely draw the shape you want to outline the area to monitor.

The feature is free and works with all Ring devices that are battery-powered. You'll simply need to update the app to use it. Note that since it replaces Adjustable Motion Zones, you won't be able to revert to them if you create a Customizable Motion Zone.

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Ring - Always Home
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