Pluto TV is one of the leaders in the free online TV industry, offering dozens of ad-supported channels corresponding to real-life networks (NBC, Nick, etc.) and various topics (old movies, gaming, etc.). However, it seems like Pluto TV has suffered a security breach, with millions of account details from 2018 now available online.

The breach comes from hacking group ShinyHunters, which has previously released customer records from over 17 companies, and was allegedly responsible for breaking into Microsoft's private GitHub repository earlier this year. The Pluto TV database was released for free access by ShinyHunters, and according to BleepingComputer, the records contain display names, email addresses, hashed passwords, birthdays, device platforms, and IP addresses.

Database records from the leak (Source: BleepingComputer)

Thankfully, the leaked data appears to be old, with the latest record dating back to October 12th, 2018. That's right around the time Pluto started taking off, according to data from Google Trends. Pluto doesn't offer any paid plans, so no credit card information was stolen.

Pluto TV has not yet confirmed the data breach, but it is being investigated. "While at this time, we cannot verify the veracity of this claim," Pluto said in a statement, "any attempt to compromise the security of our users, platform, or details are treated with the utmost priority. We are investigating the matter."