Killing off beloved products can be difficult to do, but Google has gotten pretty good at it over the years. The company even put up a cemetery filled with its own products for Halloween last year. Now it looks like another tombstone needs to be installed, because Google has announced that it's sending Expeditions, its educational VR tour app, on one last outing — and it isn't coming back.

The Expeditions app will be shutting down for good next year on June 30. With more kids learning from home this year, Google says it has realized that producing immersive experiences that require VR headsets isn't the most feasible idea going forward.

Existing VR tours from Expeditions will be moved to the Google Arts & Culture app/website so explorers can keep discovering them for free in the future. That's great to hear, as the Expeditions team has created over 800 super-cool VR and AR experiences over the past five years, ranging from Da Vinci creations to dinosaurs. It's a shame that Google couldn't guide Expeditions to a place that allowed it to thrive in the current educational environment, but at least this will make visiting the Google graveyard a little more exciting.

If you're in an educational sort of mood, go ahead and download the Expeditions app from APK Mirror or the Play Store and try out an adventure for yourself before it goes offline for good.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free