One of the coolest things Spotify gives to long-time users is Wrapped, a deep dive of the music they listened to throughout the year. Now that Google is concentrating its efforts on improving YouTube Music, it looks like the company plans to offer a similar feature for users this year, along with a selection of new playlists celebrating the most popular songs of 2020.

YouTube Music's own take on this feature will comprise a playlist made up of your top songs from the year. Based on the screenshot posted online, it looks like the playlist could show up at the top of the YouTube Music homescreen when it's ready. I'm not able to access my playlist yet, but you can visit this link to find out if it will show up for you.

Four new playlists have been spotted being tested in the wild.

Google's flagship music streaming service is also rolling out multiple playlists that collect the most popular tunes of the year across different genres. Top Songs of 2020, Top Pop 2020, and Top Latin 2020 have been spotted in the wild, but judging by last year's additions, there are probably more incoming.

While the personalized 2020 playlist doesn't appear to be available widely yet, it will presumably show up sometime in the next month or two. You can download the latest version of YouTube Music from APK Mirror or the Play Store to be ready when it does drop.