India banned the incredibly-popular mobile shooter PUBG earlier this year, partially due to concerns over younger players becoming addicted, but mostly due to the game's ties with China-based publisher Tencent. PUBG was banned along with hundreds of other Chinese apps, but now it might be coming back.

PUBG Corporation is making several changes to PUBG in India to appease government regulators. For one, the game will be self-published in India, though Tencent will maintain publishing rights in the rest of the world. The developers also signed a deal to host all of its services on Microsoft Azure cloud, instead of on Tencent-owned servers.

The separate version, named 'PUBG Mobile India,' will have a few changes to address criticism over its violence and supposedly-addictive gameplay. The game will be set in a "virtual simulation training ground," and red blood effects will be colored green instead. All players will also start off fully-clothed, because apparently running around in underwear is too explicit. Finally, PUBG will have a mode that restricts gameplay time for younger players.

PUB Corporation will also bribe Indian officials support India with a $100 million investment in the country, which will go towards jobs in the country and maintaining esports tournaments. However, the Indian government has yet to confirm if the modified game will be enough to remove the ban on PUBG.

Developer: Tencent Games
Price: Free+
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