We didn't ask for a film exploring the idea of a society split apart by their immunity (or lack thereof) to a disease undergoing pandemic spread, but hey, we're getting one from Adam Mason and Michael Bay next year called "Songbird." It imagines a Los Angeles of the near future with mass quarantine camps, the privileged few with immunity bracelets, and a mutated SARS-CoV-2 dominating the storyline. It also has quite a bit of product placement for the very old (at least by that point) LG Wing.

Perhaps we may remember the Wing as the most whimsical phone of 2020 with its swiveled display-on-a-display answer to all those foldable phones that just seem so quaint now. But in the world of "Songbird," it's apparently a constant presence on at least a couple of billboards across Southern California — spot them right at the start and at 0:32.

As one of the voice-overs proclaims, it's the 213th week of lockdown — that's 4 years, 5 weeks — and it seems that none of the Clear Channel/Cumulus Media people have been able to change out those billboards with... well, anything. I mean, I don't blame them. "COVID-23 has mutated," after all. Whatever the case is, it's clear that this movie extrapolates our current misery well into the future. This could be our universe someday.

...too bad our main characters weren't swayed by LG's cinematic universe marketing enough to buy the Wing.

The Wing's swivel mechanism has been tested to last for at least 200,000 turn cycles. Bet it'd last through 2024?

LG trailer

LG's got a new cut of the trailer put together, and what do you now: We actually see some more people using this crazy phone — four years in the future.