Everyone wants to disappear sometimes — or at the very least, make some embarrassing comment of theirs disappear. Facebook is making that a bit easier by borrowing a feature from Snapchat that makes it possible to send messages that don't stick around. The new "vanish mode" for Messenger and Instagram promises to make messaging a more "spontaneous" experience, and it's starting to roll out now.

It's really pretty self explanatory: messages sent in vanish mode disappear after you've read them and left the chat. Vanish mode is easy to enable with a simple swipe up in an existing chat thread. Swiping up again reverts back to the standard, non-disappearing chat. Just like with Snapchat, if someone takes a screenshot of messages sent using vanish mode, the sender will be notified.

Facebook says this feature was built with safety in mind. Only people you're connected to can send vanishing messages, and it is an opt-in setting you have to choose to use. Vanish mode will be available on Instagram as well thanks to the new Messenger experience.

The company is starting the rollout with Messenger users in the US and a "handful of other countries" now, with more places to follow shortly. Download the latest version of the app from APK Mirror or the Play Store and you just might be able to try it out today — unless it disappears before then.