The BBC has been in the process of shutting down its iPlayer service for years now in favor of the newer BBC Sounds app, which was introduced in 2018 as a way to provide a more personalized listening experience. Users in the UK were migrated to the new app last year, and now it looks like it's time for international users to follow suit.

The international iPlayer app has vanished from the Play Store, and the BBC Sounds app has officially taken its place as the new go-to for tuning in to BBC programs outside the UK. Thankfully, this change will not impact the content available to overseas listeners. BBC Sounds will continue to broadcast BBC radio stations live as well as on-demand. The new app offers tailored recommendations and syncing between mobile and web, along with improved Android Auto support that offers "a larger choice of content from the dashboard" than iPlayer did.

BBC Sounds offers a more modern, personalized experience for overseas listeners.

People currently using iPlayer outside the UK will start seeing prompts encouraging them to switch over. At some unspecified point in the future, iPlayer will stop working and the switch will be mandatory. If you're ready to go ahead and embrace the change, you can download BBC Sounds now from APK Mirror or the Play Store and enjoy the new interface and fresh features.

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