It took OnePlus long enough, but the company finally introduced an always-on display option (and an easily toggleable dark mode) with its latest Android 11-based firmware. However, the always-on display option is missing from Oxygen OS 11 on the T-Mobile carrier variant of the OnePlus 8T, as Redditor u/konnesotan was quick to point out. When we reached out to T-Mobile, we were told that the feature should be added in December.

When you take a peek into the Ambient display options in the 8T's settings, you should see a new Always-on ambient display entry, but that menu isn't visible for people using the T-Mobile variant of the phone — it's just not there. It's unclear why the carrier launched the 8T without this headlining feature, but this situation isn't unprecedented: The T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro was missing DC dimming for a few months.

The always-on ambient display option is missing from the T-Mobile 8T on the right (Credit: u/kinnesotan).

We reached out to T-Mobile to find out what's going on. The carrier told us that always-on display should be "added in December." This situation once again underlines that carrier-specific software isn't something consumers benefit from in any way — just look at our monthly Samsung security patch roundups, a resource that shouldn't even have to exist in the first place.

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