It's important to maintain balance between your work life and your personal time, but that can be difficult when trying to schedule meetings and appointments. Thankfully, Google Calendar is making things easier by adding the ability to view personal and work calendars side-by-side on devices with work profiles running on Android 11.

Once it's enabled, users will be able to view their personal calendar inside the Google Calendar app on their work profile. Only individuals will be able to see their own personal events, so co-workers and managers looking at your work calendar won't see that you're missing that meeting because of a custom ROM-flashing party. And thankfully, this only works one way, so work events will not be shown inside users' personal Calendar apps.

Since this feature is targeted to employees using phones set up with separate work profiles, it won't even appear unless it's enabled by both the admin and the user. It's only available on Android 11 because the feature leverages a "new secure mechanism" to store personal and work data separately while still displaying the info together in Google Calendar. This all looks not only neat, but also really handy — if your organization allows the feature, which won't be turned on by default.

The rollout has started now for Google Workspace/G Suite customers, and will continue to become available for more accounts over the next couple weeks.