Setting up your smart home can be tough — Which cameras do you buy? Which sensors, and which light bulbs? Will everything work together after you buy it? How much is it all going to cost to set up? Luckily, Wyze has an answer for you: the Smart Home Starter Pack. It's everything you need to get started, and it's on sale now for just $50 ($30 off) at Home Depot.

The Smart Home Starter Pack includes a Wyze Cam, a microSD card, two contact sensors, a motion sensor, three smart bulbs, and two smart plugs. The Wyze Cam is fairly decent, and we loved the sensors in our review. The included bulbs and plugs will help give that added touch that just makes your home feel "smart." Altogether, it's pretty much all you need to get started making your home smart and secure.

This package is a decent deal period, but at the price it's currently sitting at, it's a steal. It's perfect for setting up your budding smart home, or as a holiday gift for loved ones. You can pick up the Wyze Smart Home Starter Pack for just $50 ($30 off) at Home Depot today.