We'll make no judgment of whether you're traveling for the holidays or not — the time of year always seems to amp up the urgency of things. If you do, Google may let you know what your hotel is doing to keep the coronavirus at bay. Even if you don't, the company will be introducing a couple of new ways to look over your travel memories.

When you're reviewing hotels on google.com/travel, hit on a listing, then scroll down to a new Health & Safety tab. There, you'll learn more about the facility's COVID-19 response including a rigorous disinfecting schedule, shields at the front desk, discontinuation of free breakfast, and other measures.

This new section is just one of many additions Maps has made over the course of the pandemic — you can also track COVID-19 cases region by region, learn about travel checkpoints and transit service alerts, and filter hotels by whether they offer free cancelation.

Maybe you're hosting the festivities this time around? Or you just can't afford to be near anyone from far away? Well, if you're having suitcase withdrawals, you can soon check out the new Trips tab on your Google Maps Timeline and access Timeline from the map view within Google Photos — these updates coming in the next few weeks.

An earlier version of this story misattributed the hotel health and safety feature to Google Maps, not google.com/travel. We regret the error.