When we reviewed the EarFun Free wireless earbuds earlier this year, we called them "$35 true wireless earbuds that are actually good." These earbuds are still good, but now they're even cheaper thanks to an Amazon sale paired with our coupon code. And if you're looking for something a little bit up market, we've also got coupons for the EarFun Air and Air Pro buds at prices up to 35% off.

The EarFun Free are the most affordable pair of the bunch. They offer premium features like USB-C and wireless charging, but at a price that's about as low as you can find for earbuds this good. Regularly priced at $49.99, the Free are on sale at Amazon for $39.99 this week — and when you use the discount code EFFREEDEAL you'll save an additional 10%, dropping the final price down to just $31.99. Check out our full review of the EarFun Free to learn more about what to expect.

The Air and Air Pro models are designed with the now-classic stem look.

If the Free aren't up your alley, EarFun is also offering big savings on the Air and the Air Pro earbuds. These options deliver around 7 hours of battery life, in-ear detection, and touch controls. The Pro model adds on active noise cancellation, but strangely drops the wireless charging that the Free and base model Air offer. The Air are regularly $59.99 on Amazon, but can be knocked down to a mere $38.99 with the coupon code EFAIRDEAL. The Air Pro model retails on Amazon for $79.99, but can be had for just $59.99 with the code EFAPANC5.