It's been two years since Google started introducing .new domain shortcuts to speed the creation of Drive documents, and one year since it opened the .new TLD to third-party companies. As more and more shortcuts joined the fold, Google published a directory of all domains, which stood at a little less than 200 in July. Now they're up to 250 approximately, with some useful and other questionable additions.

Among the 60+ new shortcuts, the one that caught my eye is, which lets you order a Dominos pizza. Other interesting additions include for editing images on Photoshop and that supposedly opens a random website. The first one I got was Fox News, the second a Google Maps 360 view from inside the White House :/ I gave up after that.

Some of the new domains are certainly a little quirky. goes to a Hong Kong company incorporation wizard. is for guitar chords and tabs, not browser tabs. has nothing to do with email and everything to do with bills. And makes an API notebook on RunKit.

I'll leave you to peruse the full list of additions below. I highlighted in bold the ones that seemed the most interesting to me; you may find others more useful, though.

Business Services
  • AdPlugg: — Create a fully managed ad with impression and click tracking with AdPlugg.
  • Adzily: | — Easily target audiences in hundreds of locations at the same time with Adzily.
  • Bewirtungsbeleg: | — File your invoices through Bewirtungsbeleg.
  • — Easily pay international and domestic vendors the same way with
  • Burner: | | — Create a second phone number with Burner.
  • Charter Host: — Customize and deploy virtual servers at Charter Host.
  • ConvertKit: — Design a landing page for your project using ConvertKit.
  • Discover Card: — Design a new credit card with Discover Card.
  • Find Jobs: | — Post a new job listing with Find Jobs.
  • HoneyBook: — Create a professional email signature in 30 seconds HoneyBook.
  • Hong Kong Company Incorporation: — Incorporate a Hong Kong Limited Company.
  • Inspirational People: — Submit content to using their markdown editor.
  • Nicejob: — Review a local business with NiceJob.
  • Segment: — Create a new workspace on Segment's customer data platform.
  • UL LLC: | — Build an OSHA SDS document with UL's builder.
Creative apps
  • Agenda Hero: — Create a new agenda with Agenda Hero.
  • Carotrip: — Book car, van, bus, SUV and limos in advance with Carotrip.
  • CodeSandbox: — Create a new React project online with CodeSandbox.
  • CompuSport: — Manage your leagues using CompuSport.
  • Dropbox: — Start a new workspace with Dropbox.
  • — File a new issue in Linear's project management interface.
  • Supermove: — Move your home with Supermove.
  • Tanadium Pte. Ltd.: — Quickly comment on any website with Tanadium.
Developer Tools
  • CodeSandbox:
    • — Create a new vue.js project online with CodeSandbox.
    • — Create a new Typescript project online with CodeSandbox.
    • — Create a new Javascript project online with CodeSandbox.
    • — Create a new Angular project online CodeSandbox.
  • Data World: — Create a new Data Catalog file.
  • Editor X: — Build your website using Editor X's online tool.
  • Ionic: — Building high quality, cross-platform native and web app experiences with Ionic.
  • Microsoft: — Test a .NET application in Microsoft's Try .NET environment.
  • Pwabbit: — Code a new website using Pwabbit's simple editor.
  • Railway: — Create a new Railway deployment in the cloud.
  • REPL: — Create and compile a bash script with REPL.
  • Runkit: — Create a new notebook for your API on RunKit.
  • BibGuru: — Add a citation to your bibliography with BibGuru.
  • Dominos: — Order your Domino's pizza online.
  • Framery: — Customise and order your own Framery office Phone Booth
  • Packlane: — Design custom decorated boxes for your business with Packlane.
  • TheRealReal: | — Consign luxury items with TheRealReal.
  • — Find a random website with
  • theMemories: — Enshrine the memory of a loved one by telling their story.

All of the shortcuts that I tried are live and you should be able to use them straight away. You can also check the full list of domains at the source link below.