Voting is all the rage this year, and now Google is giving users a chance to make their voices heard when it comes to Google Play's Best of 2020 awards. It's been 363 days since voting began on last year's participants, and today Google is opening up this year's best-of list so users can vote for their favorites and crown the winners.

The full list of categories includes apps, games, movies, and books. Google Play editors have compiled lists of the most-loved and top trending titles from each category. Starting right now, you'll be able to look through Google's choices and vote on your personal favorites until November 23, at which point voting will close.

Winners from each category will be unveiled on the first day of December, with awards for Users' Choice picks as well as selections chosen by Google Play editors. In last year's competition, Ablo took home the Best App of 2019 award. You can take a look at the other apps, games, movies, and books that came out on top last year here, or if you prefer to live in the present, go cast your vote on this year's picks now.