Acer is among the better-known Chromebook producers, churning out good to great Chrome OS devices every other month, including the first Snapdragon 7c-powered laptop with Google's software. But the company also has great regular Intel Chromebooks to offer, such as the Chromebook 715 we've reviewed favorably. Its 128GB i3 variant is currently available for only $349 on Walmart, which is $150 off. We've already seen it for only $329, but that was a refurb of the much weaker Intel Pentium 64GB variant.

In our review of the i5 sister model with 8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage (as opposed to the i3 variant with 4GB/128GB offered here), we liked the solid all-aluminum chassis and the responsive, tactile keyboard. We managed to squeeze out 9 hours of battery life at 75% brightness out of our review unit, and the presence of both USB-A and USB-C ports eliminates the need for unnecessary dongles. The hollow-sounding speakers and the dim 1080p display could be a bit better, though. And the problem with the specific version offered by Walmart is the lack of a touchscreen. You might also end up having to limit the amount of open tabs with only 4GB of RAM, though Chromebooks are usually pretty resourceful when you don't use Linux apps.

But at only $349, this Chromebook 715 is a steal, and any complaint is much more forgivable at that price than at $499. If that's the deal you've been waiting for, head to the link below to purchase your unit.

The already excellent price of the Chromebook 715 fell by another $20 to $329. Thanks to reader Adrian for letting us know.