Google debuted a series of delightfully dog-filled ads in September featuring a pug named Pixel being compared to Pixel the phone. They're a refreshing break from the typical big tech promo videos, complete with soft pastels and a relaxing voiceover. Now the company has released seven new videos highlighting some of Pixel's unique and exclusive software features.

The seven video spots are focused on the software side of Google's Pixel phones, covering topics like Feature drops, Now Playing, and Call Screen. Google even highlights a standard Android feature that isn't found on iOS that the average consumer may not be aware of: split screen. The sole hardware focused video emphasizes the Pixel's 730G Snapdragon processor and 128GB of storage space.

With colorful quips (often at Pixel the dog's expense) and cute imagery, these are definitely some of my favorite videos that Google has produced in its quest to market phones to the everyday consumer. I can't say how effective they'll be, but I can tell you that your day will definitely improve if you watch them. I'm a cat person, but even I can appreciate this precious pug. Check out the new ad spots below, or take a look at all twenty-two of the videos in the full playlist here.