You might be looking at your YouTube Premium subscription and thinking it's not that worth it after all. You don't watch that many videos or listen to that much music, so it'd be more financially judicious to stop paying that monthly $12 (or whatever it costs in your neck of the world). Google would very much like to dissuade you from that and its most recent strategy is to clearly spell out the benefits you've been getting out of Premium so you'd think twice before starting the cancel procedure.

A new section is showing up for some Premium subscribers under their YouTube's account page in the Android apps. It's aptly titled "Your Premium benefits" and shows the four different ways you've been profiting from your paid membership, namely the number of hours of ad-free videos and music you've enjoyed, how much time you spent playing videos in the background (while using other apps or with the screen completely off), and the number of offline videos you've downloaded and watched without a connection.

If you scroll down, you'll see a few more "offers" and recommendations, though there's nothing there except some tips about listening to a specific artist or downloading some videos for offline viewing. And at the bottom, there's an FAQ section that answers a few questions about Premium's benefits.

This new page isn't live for everyone yet. Some of us here at Android Police have it, others not, so it's likely still rolling out server-side.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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  • Ravirahul Padmanabhan