Amazon has partnered up with Citizen a few times now, creating a range of products compatible with its Echo hardware. The first device to come from this partnership is an analog wall clock that can display timers created by Alexa. While unconventional, this is definitely a cool piece of tech, and it's on sale for $50 ($30 off) from Amazon right now.

When creating a timer using your Echo, the clock will show a blue indicator to let you know it's active, and the hands will track the timer's progress. If you have a regular Echo in the kitchen, this is a good way to visualize your cooking timers without buying the more expensive Echo Show. This integration does more than just set timers, allowing it to detect your time zone and adjust for daylight savings automatically. It will also install software updates when you're not using it, like most smart devices. A traditional wall clock receiving software updates is pretty wild, isn't it? The CC5012 doesn't require any wiring; all you'll need are 4 C-sized batteries, which will supposedly last for a year, although some reviews report lower battery life when used heavily.

It's important to note that this clock requires an Echo devcice to be within range for timer functionality. The information page states that the "Citizen Smart Clock must be paired to, and within 30 feet of, a compatible Echo device to utilize timer feature. If not paired to an Echo device, it will still function as a regular wall clock," and that "it is NOT currently compatible with Fire TV Cube, Fire TV, Fire Tablets, Echo Dot Kids Edition." My guess is that rather than connecting to Wi-Fi, the clock connects to an Echo directly over Bluetooth. It's a strange limitation and important to understand before purchasing. A full list of compatible hardware is available in the Amazon listing.

There's no indication as to whether this is a limited time offer, permanent price reduction, or if it's only while stocks last. Either way, it's a nice discount on a neat product.