The changelog for the last version of Google's Personal Safety app — available exclusively for Pixel phones — mentioned that emergency sharing "now includes information about your phone call status and battery levels" but we didn't find these features in the app itself. As a new version of the app rolls out, these new status updates are becoming available, even to those still on older versions.

Whether triggered by the latest update or simply via a server-side switch, users are seeing a new section called 'Emergency Sharing' in the app's settings with a single menu, 'Status updates.' Real-time location sharing is turned on by default since this is the core function of emergency sharing, but there are now three new options. The first two allow you to share when you start and end both normal and emergency phone calls, and the other provides an alert when your battery drops below 15%.

If some of these new features sound familiar, that's because they appear to have been ported over from the outgoing Trusted Contacts app that Google is discontinuing on December 1. With that app, it was possible to be updated when the subject's phone was used at all (movement or touchscreen taps), so perhaps we'll see further options come to Personal Safety in the future. If you have a Pixel phone and you're not yet using the app, we recommend you do so. It not only allows you to share info with contacts in an emergency, but it can also detect car crashes, alert you to local crises, and provide practitioners with vital medical information in case you're incapacitated.

You can grab the latest version of Personal Safety (so long as you have a Pixel) from APK Mirror, although it's worth noting that I don't have the new features even with the new update. It could well be a server-side update and may be rolling out in certain territories ahead of others.

Personal Safety
Personal Safety
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