Google unveiled a new version of its Nest Thermostat last month, which was also meant to be cheaper than the previous version, costing $130. Surprisingly, it's already $17 off on Amazon, selling for just $113.

The new thermostat features a minimalist design with a touch-sensitive zone on the edge, where you can swipe and tap to navigate the interface. The unit works without a C wire and requires two AAA batteries, which should last a year or two.

The device should work with about 90% of homes, but those with unusual HVAC setups will need to get the more expensive 3rd Gen unit. Surprisingly, people have commented they struggled to set up their new thermostat, with some being incompatible with their system. Thankfully, you should be able to return it if it doesn't work with your setup.

If you're interested in getting a unit today, simply use the link below to snatch yours from Amazon. Unfortunately, only the snow model is down to $113, but it's also the one that goes the most unnoticed when placed on a wall.