Lenovo currently sells two alarm clocks with Google Assistant built-in: the older Smart Clock with a touchscreen, and the newer Smart Clock Essential. Both products are now at their lowest prices yet, beating the previous records by $1.

The Lenovo Smart Clock was originally released last year, and is a hybrid between an Assistant smart speaker and a smart display. It does have a touch screen and customizable clock faces, but it can't do most of the video/photo features that regular displays like the Nest Hub offer. Lenovo just released the Smart Clock Essential as a follow-up, which drops the touch screen entirely in favor of a simple LED panel.

You can buy both clocks from Walmart at the links below. Neither product is eligable for two-day free shipping, since Walmart has a $35 order minimum for that, but you also have the option of picking them up in a store (if one near you has them in stock).