Google's been rolling out updated logos and icons for many of its services in the last month or so, and Google Voice just started picking up its own awaited change. The new icon is starting to roll out on the desktop site, though it doesn't appear to be live for everyone just yet.


Left: The old Google Voice icon. Right: The new icon.

We've known the new icon was coming since Google first announced the changes last month. In case you missed it, this updated version has a new, more vivid green shade, gets rid of the old apostrophe-looking background, and slightly adjusts the phone's shape and lines with overlapping areas that provide a darker green color for contrast. A signal-like icon was also tossed in the top right corner with a similar two-tone look.

New logo at the Google Voice desktop site.

One of our readers spotted the new logo at the Google Voice desktop site, and it's there for some of us at Android Police, though the older logo is still there for others. The change may be in the process of rolling out, or some other factor may contribute to its presence.

In case you're unfamiliar, Google Voice is a service offered by Google that provides you with a digital phone number you can use for calls, texts, and voicemail. You can also use it to make calls from your desktop or set up a "primary" number that can forward as required to others, and it comes with perks like voicemail transcripts and call screening, all for free. It's pretty convenient for placing calls from a computer, or getting visual voicemail with transcription in Google's stock dialer, if your carrier doesn't offer those features or integrate them very well. Earlier this year, Google finally got Fi and Google Voice to coexist on a single Google account.

If the rollout of Google Keep's updated icon is any indicator, we may see a new Android app landing with the updated icon in the coming few days.

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