It's been a little while since Google unveiled the new Chromecast with Google TV, and we still like it. For less than $50, the device offers Chromecast capabilities, a voice remote with Google Assistant, and the latest Google TV experience built in. Right now, you can buy it bundled with six months of Netflix — and it's now an even better deal when you consider the streaming service's recent price hike.

The promotion includes six months of the standard Netflix plan, which includes 1080p streaming on two devices at a time. That plan now costs $13.99 a month, which means a six month subscription would set you back $83.94. If you subtract that from the bundle price of $89.99, it means the Chromecast itself only costs $6.05. The new Chromecast is already a good deal at $49.99, but if you're going to be paying for Netflix anyway, spending $89.99 on the bundle offers extra savings for savvy consumers. What do all these numbers mean? The TL;DR is that you save a whopping $43.94 by snagging the Chromecast and six months of Netflix bundled together. (And that's not even including the 10% store credit that Google One members get back.)

This could be you.

So is there a catch? Not really. Sometimes promotional offers like this only apply to new customers, but this isn't the case here; new and existing Netflix subscribers alike are eligible. The discount comes in the form of account credit, too, so even if you subscribe to different monthly plan, you'll get $83.94 to use towards those fees. If you decide to return the Chromecast, you'll be refunded the full bundle price if you haven't redeemed the offer, and the full $49.99 device price if you have.

Despite periods of being out of stock, the bundle is available now in all three Chromecast color options. If you want to avoid Netflix's price increase (at least for six months), don't be chill about taking advantage of this sweet deal.