Stadia's nearly a year old, but we're still only just starting to see Google deliver on what the service could be; features expected near launch like Google Assistant integration and Crowd Choice weren't available until recent months. Now, one of the most hotly-anticipated features is finally available: Starting today, you're able to share your game library with members of your Google family group.

To set up family sharing, you'll need to head to on desktop, click your avatar, then Stadia settings, then Family. If the new feature is live for you, you'll see this screen:

To enable sharing, you'll obviously need a Family group set up in your Google account (if you don't already have one, you can set one up from the Play Store → Account → Family). You'll also have to set up a shared payment method that anyone in your group can use to buy games. Google says that's to verify that you know and trust the people in your family group, and so safeguard against random people sharing games with each other.

You can choose to either automatically share your entire library — including add-ons, DLC, and even your redeemed Pro games, even if your other family group members aren't Pro subscribers — or manually pick which games you want to share. You can also set up parental controls to restrict access to games at certain age ratings.

As of right now, only one family member can be playing each game at any given time, so to play online together, each player will need their own "copy" of the game.

So far, I'm the only AP staff member with the feature working. Indeed, Google has confirmed this is a staged rollout that will take "about a week or so to reach all users," so you might not see it yourself for a few days.