Yesterday, the FCC announced that T-Mobile would have to pay $200 million in civil penalties. The cellular carrier's bad week isn't stopping yet, though — the National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureau (NAD) has examined some of T-Mobile's claims about having the "best 5G network" and found that they are potentially misleading to customers.

Regulating marketing can be tough because of course every company is going to put its best foot forward in its own advertising. However, NAD has found that many of T-Mobile's 5G claims surrounding its merger with Sprint are downright false. Specifically, NAD took issue with T-Mobile saying things like "the best 5G network," "highest capacity in history," and "most reliable network."

T-Mobile has agreed to stop airing these kinds of potentially misleading ads.

Furthermore, the group said that T-Mobile's ads depicting "magenta and yellow beams rapidly shooting from tower to tower, speeding through server rooms across cities and over vast landscapes" are misleading to the average Joe, and that messages touting the imminent benefits of the merger are unsupported.

This is yet another instance of a carrier going a bit too far when it comes to lying about 5G. At least this time, to its credit, T-Mobile said it "supports the self-regulatory process" and will accept the recommendations to cut back on claims that might make consumers think that T-Mobile's 5G network is indisputably the best right now.