I'm sure everyone reading this takes great care of their phone, but many other mobile devices get lost or stolen — about once every minute, in fact. Samsung's Care+ currently covers things like accidental damage and mechanical breakdowns, but it looks like the company may soon extend coverage options to protect against theft and loss.

According to a teardown of version 1.0.21465 of the Shop Samsung app, new code strings suggest that Galaxy owners with Care+ plans will be able to add a subscription that extends coverage to theft and loss, as well.

The subscription seems to be an additional one that can be added on top of existing Care+ packages, which include $3.99, $8.99, and $11.99 options depending on the device covered. We're not sure exactly how much Samsung will bill for the Theft and Loss Subscription, but the charges would be due monthly for 36 months or until coverage is canceled. Like the company's current care plans, customers would still have to pay a deductible ranging from $99 to $269 on claims. There's also a maximum of 3 claims within a 12 month period, and lost/stolen phones may be replaced with refurbished models.

Despite the fine print, it's still nice to offer the option to customers who might have butterfingers on the ski chair or be concerned about sticky fingers in their area (basically, any kind of finger-related issue). A couple of phones have probably been stolen in the time you spent reading this. 😢