The OnePlus 7T is a sturdy choice for a pocket filler in 2020 even as 5G marketing continues its assault down our collective gullets. Normally sold these days at around $450, you can get one today for up to $100 off!

At that discounted price, you'll be getting some spine-chillingly excellent specs: Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855+ (but no 5G radios unlike the 7T Pro 5G McLaren), 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, a 90Hz OLED display, strong macro and telephoto cameras, and a clean and swift software experience with OxygenOS. Okay, that last one may not be a specification, per se. But our review was fairly glowing!

As one of a series of flash sales the company is holding for OnePlus Day today, it is offering $100 off the OnePlus 7T — it works best on T-Mobile, but passes on most other GSM networks — if you visit its event page here and redeem the proper coupon. You'll need to finish checkout by noon PST today.

If you miss out on that deal and Woot still has its own stock left, you can get a 7T for $370 or $79 off!

You've got options today. Hope you get to use one!