Google rolled out a whole new set of (uggo) icons for Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, and Meet last month, and now it's Keep's turn. As teased at the beginning of October, the much-loved and Google app-integrated notes service just picked up a new icon at the desktop site, and we have to assume the app will follow.

Behold. Left: Old icon. Right: New icon. 

The new icon uses a similar color but replaces the old outlined lightbulb with a stylized, filled-in version. The dog-eared corner has been moved from the bottom right to the top right, more in keeping with the Google Docs icon. However, its appearance may vary slightly in different locations, and the site's favicon loses the dog ear. Still, somehow Keep escaped the gaudy four-color redesign Google inflicted on the rest of its services.

Above: New icon live at the Keep desktop site. Below: Still the old icon in the Gmail sidebar.

The change is live on the current version of the Google Keep desktop site, both with the logo in the corner and the site's favicon. They're slightly different shapes, but they both have the same colors and lightbulb icon. It isn't live yet in the Gmail sidebar and hasn't spread to the mobile app yet, but we have to assume it's coming.

Android app gets the new icon

The Keep app for Android has also just picked up the new icon:

We can confirm that v5.20.441.01 of the app triggers the change. A slightly earlier release, also pushed out today, included changes that updated iconography inside the app itself, but this latest release changes the system icon to match the new logo that rolled out to the web two days ago.

The update is likely in the process of rolling out, but if you'd like to jump to the head of the line, you can do that by pulling it down early over at our sister site APK Mirror.

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